Company Bios


Born in Middletown, Ohio, and raised in the hills of Kentucky in a Japanese-American home. My parents met on a military base in Okinawa, and the rest is history! Since I was a little girl, I vowed I’d be successful no matter what path I chose. Then, God chose Title for me. Little did I know that the title industry would change my life forever and that I would create a little company called “Priority” at age 29.

Through the years, I’ve met so many people that would help shape my life, including clients, staff, friends, and my husband. About 4 years ago, I met Keith Maupin, a dear friend who changed my whole outlook on life. It was then that I learned the true meaning of success. I wake up each day and thank God that I get to live this beautiful life. Getting older used to bother me, and now it doesn’t. I often wonder why God doesn’t start us off “old” so we can be wiser, but I guess that is the journey of life!


    • Movie: A Few Good Men
    • Book: The Bible
    • Musical Artist: Garth Brooks
    • Food: Anything at Melting Pot


Stacie began her career at a very young age as a receptionist and quickly worked her way to Branch Manager and then to Operations Manager at Priority. She has been a leader at Priority for over two decades. She works closely with our legal counsel overseeing the mechanics of the title and financial aspects of the company. On the weekends when she switches hats, you can find her being a “soccer mom”.


  • Movie: Steel Magnolias
  • Book: A walk to remember
  • Musical Artist: Justin Timberlake
  • Food: Anything brunch


Raven has been with Priority for over 12 years. She was also in management in two of her prior careers. Her success at Priority started in the trenches where she displayed hardwork and grit working through every segment of the internal company processes. It was that hard work that led her to become the General Manager at Priority. She oversees not only all staff but also the workings of all 23 states and the multiple offices across the U.S. “My parents met as realtors many years ago, so you can say that real estate is in my blood.”


    • Movie: Forrest Gump
    • Book: Little Women
    • Musical Artist: Paul Simon
    • Food: Pizza