Why Choose Your Own Title Company?

As many are not familiar, you the consumer have the right to choose your title company. Why would you care what title company you choose? Simple, no one wants to be a number.

No one thinks about the “afterwards” that can happen. Thousands of scenarios can come up of why you would need to contact the title company who closed your loan.

Why Choose Priority National Title Services?

You have immediate access to contact us regarding your title search before and after you close your transaction. Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, we have the experience, knowledge, and ability to handle your loan closing.

What is the Difference Between Lender’s Title and Owner’s Insurance?

Title Insurance protects the lender who is financing the transaction. Whereas, Owner’s Insurance protects the homeowner on title.

Helpful Benefits to Know About Title Insurance.

Did you know that if you have had title insurance before on the same property that you are refinancing, that you are entitled to a 30% discount on your new loan you are taking out? Title Insurance rates are set by the State and regulated.

Not only do we stay with you before and during your closing, but afterwards too, when it MATTERS THE MOST!